May 25, 2010


It is nice to see a quack pay for the blood on their hands. Antivaccinationists have been fueled by the infamous "Wakefield Experiments". Of which Andrew Wakefield paid children for their blood without parental consent to use as samples in his fallacious study. He was also accused of performing unethical invasive colonoscopies on children as well!

On Monday, May 24th, Andrew Wakefield was banned from practicing medicine in the UK! Read more at TODAYonline.

Dr Andrew Wakefield's 1998 study has been discredited, but vaccination rates have never fully recovered. Legions of parents abandoned the vaccine, leading to a resurgence of measles in Western countries where it had been mostly stamped out.

"That is Andrew Wakefield's legacy. The hospitalisations and deaths of children from measles who could have easily avoided the disease," said Mr Paul Offit, chief of infectious diseases at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia...

...Britain's General Medical Council found Dr Wakefield guilty of serious professional misconduct and stripped him of the right to practice medicine in the United Kingdom.

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